Hi, this is Muhammad Imran – an astrologer, researcher and consultant adviser. Although by profession I’m a media-person and a producer of a television channel, but by passion I’m an astrologer and will remain an astrologer. My astrological journey started when I was quite young and school student. My astrological learning ran parallel to my academic studies. I earned M.Sc. (Statistics) from Karachi University and M.S. in Applied Economics from AERC (Applied Economics Research Centre) in 2004.

Astrology has been a never-ending passion for me, and I believe it is one of the few destined areas of my life (thanks to my 9th house Sun with 9th lord). I have been engaged with different kinds of astrological activities whether is it learning, discussing, blogging, programming, writing, speaking, or teaching astrology for most of my life. I’m the first internationally published writer and blogger from Pakistan in recent decades.

During 2002 to 2008, I was an active member of Sanjay Rath and Narasimharao’s yahoo group.  Then after, I became volunteer editor of the Saptarishis Astrology Magazine (India). For last few years, I’m the moderator of the facebook group Jyotish Currents (USA) that is created by Kenneth Johnson and administrated by Barry Rosen. I’ve been doing professional astrological consultancy for years. However, it was limited to private circle, friends of friends, and direct contact. I’m now open to public for paid consultancy and learning Q&As. You can get trustable advice at affordable price.

Besides astrology I’m an avid reader and book lover. My reading interests include history, literature and spirituality. I live in Karachi with my wife Riz and child Konen.