Electional Report

In astrology “election” refers to any chosen date and time for important decision, act or event of life. This branch of astrology, aka Inception, Muhurtha, opens the window of “free will” through optimizing the favourable cosmic energies. You can avail planetary configuration that suits best to your desired act or event.

People mostly opt for Election or best astrological timing when important decision, act or event of life is about to mature, for instance fixing wedding date, laying foundation of property, joining new partnership, inaugurating business, opening a shop, scheduling seminar etc.

Election Time Frame indicates the slot in which you want to search best possible time. People usually search the Election under the upper and lower limit of this time frame. For instance, Mr. X from Singapore has a plan to launch new product in upcoming summer. For him, Starting Date for Election Time Frame may be May 1, 2018, and Ending Date for Election Time Frame can be June 31, 2018. The Election time frame can be a specific year, season, or month in future, or even a week for urgent affairs.

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Electional Astro Report. US$19

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Description of Electional Astro Report

  • Introduction
  • Electional Chart Figure (Mahurtha)
  • Analysis and Reasoning
  • Interpretation
  • List of best possible Date and Time

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