Nodes are always wrapped in fog of mystery, myths, confusion and superstition, not only in popular culture but also in predictive arts. Unfortunately most of the adages and anecdotes addressing eclipse effect seem superstition to us, for they suffered tempering, interpolation and exaggeration during long course of oral transmission.

You must have heard that eclipse is a fateful time for expectant mothers, and obviously an alarming omen for kings. There is some truth in it. But why only these two points are commonly repeated in gatherings and replicated on media. Ironically they resurface 4 to 5 times annually, because this is the average number of eclipses in a year. I’m not going to agree or disagree these two points (eclipse for pregnant women and kings) as they cover a tiny proportion of society. The moot point is the absence of common remedies for majority of society.

I’m not a court astrologer of classical era; in fact no king is present here before me to heed eclipse effect for his dynasty. Even there is no prime minister or president in my Facebook friends’ list (I swear to Google). About second point, WHO statistics reveal that around 211 million pregnancies occur annually. As a result, the number of pregnant women on earth (right now) makes 2.8% of global population (out of 2.8% one-fifth unintention pregnancies never mature). So what if you’re neither a king nor pregnant? And what should you (as part of 97% population) do at the time of eclipse?

Here astrology presents a sane solution through analyzing correlation between natal horoscope and eclipse. If you have a valid astrological chart or confirmed birth details, do consult experienced astrologer. If birth time is unavailable to you then check the date of eclipse occurrence near your birthday. This would at least hint whether eclipse is falling near your natal Sun or not.

We (astrologers) can help and educate the people and general audience that make 97% of population (in mentioned above context). The one liner advice is: don’t do nodes at the time of eclipse. It’s not hard for a day, to stay away from the things, people and places that are astrologically signified by Rahu/Ketu. Make a list of Rahu/Ketu affairs in your daily life. Avoid or postpone what you can for a day, or at least during the time of eclipse.

Eclipse is a peak time of shadowing energy on earth, whose vibes are not fit for a layman’s body, mind and soul. There is lot of proven and unproven effects that eclipses directly and indirectly cast on human. In order to avoid them I’m going to put few simple points.

  • ‘You Are What You Eat’, they say. Don’t eat Rahu/Ketu during eclipse hour. This is an easy and effective remedy, I have always found reliable. Some foods carry (completely or partially) nodal energy. Avoid taking vegetables and herbs (especially in raw form) that are actually roots or grow underground; for instance ginger, yam, potato, onion, carrot, radish, parsnip, beetroot, turnip, artichoke etc. Some fruits of this category include peanut, groundnut and chestnut. They are ‘somehow’ indicated by Rahu/Ketu (lunar nodes) because of their underground characteristic and hidden growth from sunlight and moonlight. Foods, entirely alien to your own body and customs, are conditionally signified by Rahu/Ketu. Eclipse is not a good period for trying them first time.
  • Drugs and drinks (alcoholic beverages) are primarily ruled by Rahu/Ketu, and should strictly abstain at eclipse hour (unless you are performing any observation of ‘left-hand path’). Needless to mention types of drugs and hard drink here. You may also include local variety of intoxicants that are prevalent in your area. According to some experts modern allopathic medicines (painkiller tablets and tranquilizer pills) also fall in this category.
  • Nodes (Rahu/Ketu) are termed ‘smoky’. Avoid visiting areas where smoke is naturally or circumstantially found; for example industrial emission sites, polluted air of garbage dumping ground, polluted smokes from recently extinguished fire, burning charcoal stoves, open barbecue cooking etc. Moreover, it is better to postpone fumigation and bee-smoking on the day of eclipse. Why not reschedule barbecue party. And finally the artificial smoke and haze in nightclubs and dance bars with heavy laser beams produce strong Rahu/Ketu atmosphere and ambience, and hence should be avoided during eclipse hour.
  • Snake’s nest, den, burrow and cave stand for Rahu/Ketu. In modern parlance all places that are built in this fashion are ruled by Rahu/Ketu, especially tunnel, underground sewerage system, basements, wells, graves etc. Therefore driving through a long tunnel, or working in basement room is not an idea during eclipse hour. Other nodal areas are magical performance in theatre, film shooting, and unusual adventure at an unknown location.

One should not expect negative effect of eclipse during it occurrence. This is not found true in practice. An eclipse yields its evil outcome couple of weeks and sometime month earlier or later than actual eclipse date. An eclipse negatively affects the significations of 1st house whose natural karaka are Sun and Moon, especially health and body. Other two areas are 10th and 4th houses that indicate professional and domestic life respectively.