“astroimran” is an advisory platform create and run by Muhammad Imran for everyone, irrespective of gender, race, religion, nationality or geography. Its vision is “to astrologically enlighten every seeker”.

Enlightenment can come through awareness, knowledge, discussion and debate. Although it is a herculean task but I am passionate to dedicatedly perform my part. For over two decades, I have been producing quality articles, research papers and blogs, as well as computational aids like tables, ephemeris, spreadsheet applications, and teaching sessions. Recently, I have decided to standardize and regularize my astrological endeavors through “astroimran” platform.

I am not shy away the fact that general perception regarding astrology is not positive for it is rest upon ignorance, doubt and exaggerated claims. This is why astrology is mistakenly considered a fun or superstitious past time, which it is not at all. In this regard, my mission is to address the ignorance, to answer the doubts and to help the people astrologically so that they can explore their own way to “know thy self”. I am not a destiny changer or savior; if horoscope is a map then I am just a map-reader of your life journey.

Love and Light to all.