Astrological advice is a serious matter, both for an astrologer and client. It’s neither fun nor superstition. As noted in other section of this website, astrological outcome and planetary influences are indicative, not compulsive, despite knowing that our lives are mixture of fate and freewill.

We take various kinds of advices from relevant experts, like academic advice, medical advice, dietary advice, legal advice, immigration advice, property advice etc. And we pay them fat money without questioning the success rate or accuracy of their advices, because they are established and institutionalized disciplines in today’s world.

Like other professionals, an astrologer is also an expert in his own field who offers services. There are different types of astrological services, subject to their spread, details, time and topic. A good astrological advice surely helps you in variety of ways in any phase of life, be it one-on-one session with astrologer, or a judiciously written astrology report. Here at this platform, I offer different types of astrological reports at very reasonable charges.

The introductory prices of above offers (reports) cost you 4 to 5 times cheaper than other online services of same scope and magnitude. Just google the market and compare prices.

None of the above report is automated, and hence they are not spanned over hundreds of computer generated pages. All reports are unique and their contents vary from person to person, as they are manually written by me. You will find them plain, practical and productive.

How to Choose a Right Astrology Report

Please read the concerned report introduction and description. If you are new to astrology then carefully read the FAQ on home page. I believe in fair and honest dealing. Feel free to inquire.