Detailed Astro Report

This service is a unique opportunity to discover your life from different perspectives. Detailed Astro Report is a comprehensive reading and it highlights the potential, problems and possible solutions of your life path. Besides interpreting major portfolios of life, this report also provides future forecasts.

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Detailed Astro Report. US$39

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Description of Detailed Astro Report

  • Introduction
  • Natal Chart Figure (Sidereal/Jyotish)
  • Natal Chart Figure (Tropical/Western)
  • Individuality: Spirit, lifelong sense of inner self and traits that never change
  • Mentality: Emotional faculty of mind and psyche, how you feel and respond
  • Personality: How you appear to the world, your physique, health and vitality
  • Parents and Childhood
  • Intelligence and Education
  • Professional Prospects
  • Marriage and Spouse
  • Family and Children
  • Wealth and Finance
  • Upcoming Periodic Result (Dasaphalam)
  • Upcoming Transit Result (Gocharphalam)
  • Practical Remedies

The introductory price of this offer (Detailed Astro Report) costs you 4 to 5 times cheaper than other online services of same scope and magnitude. Just google the market and compare prices.

Note: If you don’t know reliable time of birth, then don’t opt for this service. First get your birth time rectified by any experienced astrologer. Alternately, prefer Horary Astro Report instead, for a specific issue.

Detailed Astro Report will be sent as PDF at provided email address.