Topical Astro Report

If you are curious about your relationship prospects, uncertain about professional hurdles, or worried about earning then Topical Astro Report is the right answer. You may choose any well-defined area of your life. This reading specially focus any one chosen area, and provides astrological delineations and forecasts.


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Topical Astro Report. US$19

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Description of Topical Astro Report

  • Introduction
  • Natal Chart Figure (Sidereal/Jyotish)
  • Natal Chart Figure (Tropical/Western)
  • Chosen Area/Topic of Life
  • Upcoming Periodic Result (Dasaphalam)
  • Upcoming Transit Result (Gocharphalam)
  • Practical Remedies about Chosen Area of Life

Topical Astro Report will be sent as PDF at provided email address.