Horary Astro Report

Horary is a unique branch of astrology that studies the cosmic relation between mind of person and heaven at any given time. Horoscope drawn at the time of “birth of question” is called Horary Chart, in other words, the time when a question is put forward with honest and serious intention. The Horary astrology is a great aid for all, especially for those who do not know their real date and time of birth.

Please avail the Horary Astro Report when a specific question really pops up in your mind, and when you are seriously indulged in the very affair. It can be related to any area of your life (education, parents, marriage, children, job, business, promotion, settlement abroad, property, partnership, sickness etc.) However, keep in mind that entirely unrelated matter, unrealistic wish, light hearted curiosity, passing remark or whimsical thought does not fulfill the definition of “prasna (question)”. Don’t waste your time and money on such things.

Horary chart amazingly depicts picture of recent past and recent future, when your question is directly related to you, your surrounding and on-going situation.

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Horary Astro Report. US$19

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Description of Horary Astro Report

  • Introduction
  • Horary Chart Figure
  • Analysis and Reasoning
  • Interpretation
  • Result

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