The “Sidereal Ephemeris” is computed and designed for astrologers who study or practice Jyotish (vedic astrology), as a ready reference for analyzing past, present and future trends. All the calculations are given according to standard Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa (Lahiri Zodiac) in arc degree and minute. Along with planetary longitudes, it also gives nakshatra and nakshatra pada positions for all mentioned celestial bodies. This is a unique feature that no other freely available ephemeris provides. Moreover, daily lunar days (tithi) of waxing and waning Moon are also shown as enclosed digits. Retrogression status of wandering planets (tara graha) is listed as (R) along with their longitudes (arc degree and minute).

On every page of daily longitudes, four grey-coloured boxes are given at bottom of every page. The first box on left hand side gives ingress of Sun and Moon in Rashi (sidereal sign). The second box shows date and time of new/full moon as well as lunar and solar eclipses. Third box yields the ingress date and time of 5 wandering planets and nodes in Rashi. While the last box provides miscellany astrological and astronomical information, for instance, planet’s station (retrogression and direction), rise and set, declinational change, maximum brightness of Venus and Mars, and maximum elongation of Jupiter and Saturn.

This “Sidereal Ephemeris” follows alphanumeric abbreviations which are more popular among practitioners of Jyotish. The digital output is initially produced in Portable Document File (PDF) format. It is easy to access, read and store in all computers, mobiles, smart phones and ipads, provided Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar application is installed. All the output is designed in a printable page layout of Letter/A4 size with landscape orientation.