Muhammad Imran is recognized as a distinguished Jyotish scholar in the international Vedic astrology community. His reputation for a deeply knowledgeable, detailed, and scientific approach to Jyotish shastra and Vedic philosophy is notable on many of the top online astrological forums. Imran’s refined manner and caring, compassionate concern for others combine with his universal worldview and exquisite grasp of the Jyotir Vidya to place him in a league of his own. He is a trusted colleague and friend for whom I have inestimable respect.

Juliana Swanson

Astrologer, Therapist and Healer

Muhammad has a comprehensive and deep insight into Jyotish and its applications. He is always looking to make positive contributions to chart interpretations and is readily available to answer questions.

Paul Barker, PhD

President, Leeds Theosophical Society

Muhammad Imran is one of the most gifted and talented young astrologers that I know. He is an encyclopedia of extensive knowledge on all the subtle points of Vedic astrology and his ability to express those points clearly and coherently due to his excellent verbal and journalistic talent is off the charts in comparison to his peers.

Barry Rosen

Astrologer, Financial Consultant, Author

I know Muhammad for almost 13 years. First time I met him via mail lists and forums in which Jyotish astrology was discussed amongst scholars of today. Muhammad was very inquisitive at that time and actively participated in discussions about topics of Jyotish. It was very clear that he is eager of learning and that he will soon become one of the most active and knowledgeable member of Jyotish community. Today I follow Muhammad’s writings on Jyotish via social media and he is always giving clear perspective of traditional knowledge and also through his research reveals ancient techniques which were almost forgotten. Muhammad is surely person of vast knowledge and broad perspective and he have many of the answers on this traditional knowledge of Jyotish.

Dean Valentić

Astrologer & Vastu Expert

Muhammad Imran is a veteran Vedic Astrologer from Pakistan. It is very tough to learn and digest Vedic astrology especially in Pakistan where resources are very limited. Through hard work over years his knowledge has crossed all boundaries and is one of the diamonds of Vedic astrology scholars.

Vijay Goel

Jyotish Visharad (ICAS), Astrologer & Author

M. Imran is a wonderful astrologer who has a deep understanding of various astrological principles. I find his understanding of transits and kakshyas particularly amazing.

Partha Sarathy

Astrologer, Blogger & Author