What is astrology?

Astrology is the art and practice of studying heavenly bodies and its effect on human and earth. The sun, moon, planets, different celestial points and zodiac signs are fundamental elements of astrology, but they […]

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What is horoscope?

A horoscope is a map representing the sky with respect to a place at given time. Horoscope may be drawn in square or circular diagram with twelve segments. It contains symbols or abbreviations of […]

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How can I make my horoscope?

It is very easy. You can do it yourself. For calculating horoscope you must have your complete and accurate birth date, time and place. You can manually calculate your birth horoscope with the help […]

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Should I believe astrology?

This is a common curiosity with no plain answer. Rationally speaking, you can only “believe” anything “perfect”. But the perfection does not exist in this world. Hence no worldly science or art is believable. […]

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Is astrology a science?

The simple answer is no. Barring the computational and astronomical part, astrological delineations and forecast cannot be termed science. Although many astrologers label astrology as a branch of science, but scientists consider astrology a […]

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How can astrology help me?

Astrology can help you anywhere and anytime. A good astrological report or session delineates your real path of life, your core potential, and positive and negative personality traits. This information is very helpful for […]

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