Nadi is a unique and undeniable reality of Indian astrology. Written thousands of year back, on wooden stick and leaves, it has no match in any part of the world. Modern researchers spent their lives to understand the meanings and sources of nadi literature. Yet, only a fraction of original work could come out.

It is said, and rightly said that the creator of these nadi granthas are rishis, who drafted these astonishing astrological literature with the help of their divya drishti (divine sight). Since the permutation and combination of 9 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses, makes uncountable number of possibilities, at least for the capacity of a common human mind. But what is more awesome is that how it still proves a blue print of an individual of 21st century.

Following is the translation of a nadi reading, provided by the Editor of Saptarishis Astrology to the scribe. It is probably taken from Bhrigu Samhita. But unfortunately, no birth details or complete prasna time is provided. Despite, this reading holds many useful clues for the learner of jyotish. Following red italic text shows translation of Nadi reading. For rendering it comprehensible and useful, notes and commentary are also added.

Nadi Reading – Lord Shukra says: What are the effect and yoga for one who asks a query in the month of Vishakha, tithi of Shuklapaksha navami, weekday of Wednesday, and nakshatra of Magha. Prashan Time: 21 Gati, 0 Pala. Leo lagna having Moon and Jupiter, Rahu in 3rd, and Saturn in 4th house. Whereas Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ketu reside in 9th house and Mars domiciles in 11th house. (Shukra asks) in which country he was born in his last incarnation? Where and in what state he went away after dying? What will be his fortune? Comfort of spouse, off spring and kith and kin, he will enjoy? How long he will live and how much knowledge he will attain? What kind of profession he will associate? Inform me about his life from birth to death.

Notes: It is a convention of Nadi discourses that a prophecy is composed in the genre of dialogue between two or more sages, or master and disciple. Here Lord Shukra enquires and Lord Bhrigu replies. Apparently, it seems an astrological explanation of Prashna kundali ((horary chart). The time of asking a question is considered for delineating the past, present and future of native. Month, lunar day, weekday and time of prashna are given along with rashi (D1) chart, but there is no reference of year, planetary longitudes or varga positions. Consequently, it is difficult to erect detailed chart, divisional charts and planetary periods. Complete birth detail of native is also not provided.

Nadi Reading – Lord Bhrigu answers: O’ Shukra, one who puts a query in such a planetary disposition, has Guru-Chandri yoga. And according to this yoga, he was a Kshatriya (or Kshatri) in his previous life, lived near Tamsa River, in the town whose name began with ‘S’, his father name started from letter ‘Y’, and his own name (in previous birth) started from letter ‘L’.

Notes: Interestingly, Bhrigu reading names Gajakesari yoga in lagna to Guru-Chandri yoga. Here Moon is the lord of 12th house and Jupiter is the owner of 5th and 8th houses. But, neither Moon, nor Jupiter is functional malefic with respect to Leo ascendant.

Nadi Reading – He had sons, daughters and siblings (in previous life). He had all sorts of comfort and was quite well off. He performed good deeds and possessed cattle and horses in his house. He used to give away many kinds of donation including Gaudaana (donating cows). Occasionally, he performed rituals of Havan and Shradha. In summers he used to perform Jaladaana (offering water to thirsty), and in winters he used to perform Vastradaana (voluntarily distributing clothes or cladding the needy people). Notwithstanding, such a nice and noble Kshatriya was not free from misdeeds and sins. In fact, many wealthy and miser people entrusted their wealth to the native. He breached their trust by seizing their possessions. Looking his dishonesty, owners of possessions cursed the Kshatriya that he would not have due comfort and peace. Regretting and repenting, Kshatriya offered Tiratha Dharma and died.

But on account of his earlier good deeds, he first went to Swarga (paradise) and after staying sometime there, he was born again in India. (Now) he asks a question in the city whose name starts from letter ‘D’. Name of his birthplace begins with letter ‘S’. He opens his eyes in a higher Kshatriya varna (martial race), but his father’s financial status is average.

Notes: Ascendant Leo is Kshatriya according to the caste distribution of zodiacal signs. And so as the lord of ascendant Sun, who is occupied in 9th house in another Kshatriya rashi. The 9th and 5th houses are generally considered for delineating previous lives. It is maintained by Nadi reading that native was a Kshatriya in previous birth and again born as Kshatriya in this life.

The Sun (as dispositor of Jupiter and Moon) is exalted in 9th house, and there is no natural malefic in 2nd or 12th to Sun; despite, father of native is not rich. This seems against the general astrological principles. The occupation of Saturn in 8th from Sun may be the reason for father’s average financial status. By the way, natural malefic in 4th house from lagna also indicate monetary constraints to parents or trying childhood. Here both negative and positive indicators exist therefore parental financial conditions are told average.

Nadi Reading – His father’s name begins with ‘R’ and own name begins with ‘D’. The native has fair colour and reddish in complexion. Somehow, he is attractive but encountered many a fatal diseases in childhood, including fever, diarrhea and eczema.

Notes: Inferring initials of native’s name, father’s name and birth place name is an amazing aspect of Nadi readings. But scribe is not capable enough to decipher the reason. However, even today there are some experts in India, who are well-versed enough to tell the name initials with the help of 108 parts of lunar constellations (nakshatra). Sometimes navamsa chakra is also used to forecast the first letter of native’s and his relative’s names. In fact, there is a subtle correlation between 108 pada of nakshatra and 108 navamsa.

Besides, colour and complexion is seen from lagna and lagnesh. Two natural benefic planets (Moon and Jupiter) in lagna are rendering the native fair coloured and attractive, while Leo is adding its reddish hue. But aspect of Saturn over lagna yields some physical affliction. It is mentioned that native faced danger of ailment in childhood. Early life is signified by 2nd house and Moon. Note that 2nd lord Mercury is in Aries (with Sun, Ketu and Venus) and 9th lord Mars is in Gemini. Parivartana (sign-exchange) between Mars and Mercury results in fever, diarrhea and skin diseases (if any of them is sambandhi with ascendant or ascendant ruler).

Nadi Reading – The difficult years of his life are 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th. Even if, there would any affliction in later age, it would wipe out due to virtuous deeds of his previous life. He has sisters and brothers. He started studying (in this life) at the age of 5/6, and obtained knowledge of two-three fields. He does not have any understanding of professional or higher studies. He leaves his study without completion.

Notes: Siblings are generally seen from 3rd house and Mars. Here 3rd house is heavily afflicted by Rahu, and ashubh argala of Saturn. But occupation of 3rd lord Venus in 9th house having aspect of Jupiter ensures presence of sisters and brothers. Native starts learning at the age of 5. Counting from lagna 5th becomes the Sagittarius, lorded by Jupiter, who is occupied in lagna. Reckoning from vidya karaka Mercury, 5th house becomes Leo where two benefic planets (Jupiter and Moon) are sitting. So beginning of schooling at the age of 5 appears quite obvious. But Mercury’s parivartana sambandha with Mars; and aspect of Mars on 2nd house and occupation of Saturn in 4th house suggest incomplete education.

Nadi Reading – He is skillful, dexterous, well-behaved, amiable and sweet-speaker. After age of 16, he turns capable and clever. He gets benefit from business. 

Notes: Exalted lord of lagna in trinal house and Gajakesari yoga in lagna bestow discussed personal traits. But mentioning of “after age 16” is important. According to Bhrigu Chakra as well as Sudarshana Chakra, 16th year of age coincides to the 4th house. Here 4th house from ascendant is domiciled by Saturn in the house of Mars. “After 16” means age 17 onwards. In other words after crossing the 4th house, where Saturn is residing. Moreover, “16” is also the maturity age of Jupiter, who is in ascendant.

It is also said that native accrues benefit from trade (rather doing job). For profession, look at the Saturn, its trine and its dispositor. Mars is the dispositor of Saturn who is in 4th-Scorpio. On the other hand, vayapaara karaka Mercury is forming an exchange with Mars (i.e. dispositor of Saturn). Hence gain in business is indicated. From house-analysis point of view, 7th house lord Saturn is in angle and its dispositor is in 11th house. Furthermore, dominance of fiery signs, while natural benefic in kendra and natural malefic in upachaya bhavas incline one to carry out own business rather subordinate others.

Nadi Reading – In the middle age, he enjoys comfort of wife. He progresses day by day. A female progeny was born to him. But he is destined to have a male child too.

Notes: Obtainment of spouse is seen from kalatra karaka Venus and 7th lord. Venus is in 9th house while 7th lord Saturn is in 4th kendra. Venus in Aries is not a welcome placement but aspect of Jupiter upon Venus is augmenting its efficacy to bestow comfort of wife. Jupiter and shuklapaksha Moon in lagna ensure day by day progress. Birth of female child is also mentioned by Bhrigu reading. Santaana karaka Jupiter (who also lords 5th house) is sitting along with female planet Moon. Moreover, Sun (another planet for judging off-spring in nadi astrology) is with Venus, Mercury and Ketu. These combinations signifies female child. Yet, native will have a male child, nadi informs. Jupiter is however with Moon, but it is in Leo ascendant, which is a male sign. Similarly dispositor of Jupiter, i.e., Sun is also occupying in a male rashi. Since Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception therefore result of said planetary exchange accrues too. According to R.G. Rao, Sun+Mars+Venus in trine to Jupiter in fiery triplicity, is a yoga for obtainment of male progeny.

Nadi Reading – At the age of 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 31, and 33, and even later too; he sees progress and prosperity.

Notes: Age 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 31, and 33 are narrated as years of prosperity. Let’s decode them through Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati.

Age of Prosperity From Leo Lagna From Aries
Age 18 (second cycle) 6H-Capricorn 6H-Virgo
Age 21 (second cycle) 9H-Aries 9H-Sagittarius
Age 24 (second cycle) 12H-Cancer 12H-Pisces
Age 27 (third cycle) 3H-Libra 3H-Gemini
Age 30 (third cycle) 6H-Capricorn 6H-Virgo
Age 31 (third cycle) 7H-Aquarius 7H-Libra
Age 33 (third cycle) 9H-Aries 9H-Sagittarius

In above table, given years are counted from Leo ascendant as well as from Aries (first sign of natural zodiac). From Leo lagna (where Moon and Jupiter are also residing) all the mentioned years of age coincide with mutable signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) excluding age 31 that becomes 7th house (Aquarius) from Leo lagna. Whereas counting from Aries, all the beneficial years fall in dual signs excluding age 31 that coincides with Libra. This is indeed an interesting coincident.

But considering Aries (as origin of Bhrigu Chakra) carries more weight. Since from Leo lagna, 18th year corresponds to the sign Capricorn. And (seemingly) it may not indicate a year of comfort and progress  due to following reasons.

  1. Capricorn is a dushtana bhava (6H) from lagna and its lord is a functional malefic
  2. Capricorn is aspected by Saturn
  3. Capricorn is aspected by Mars
  4. Capricorn is devoid of any beneficial aspect or occupation

Whereas, counting signs from Aries, yields satisfactory results. From Aries, 18th year falls in Virgo. It is the 2nd house from lagna, Moon and Jupiter, while its lord Mercury makes an exchange with 11th lord Mars. In a similar fashion, Sagittarius is equal to 21st year. In given chart, Sagittarius is the benefic 5th house, and its lord Jupiter is aspecting Sagittarius. Moreover, Sagittarius also holds the Arudha Lagna (AL). Next in line, Pisces signifies the age 24. It is, however, falls in 8th from Leo lagna, but its lord (Jupiter) is natural and functional benefic and dwells in lagna. Gemini stands for the age 27 in above (tabulated) Bhrigu Chakra. It is 11th house from lagna, whose lord Mercury is forming an exchange with yoga karaka Mars. But Libra (that corresponds to age 31) appears a deviation from discussed progression. Nonetheless, it is occupied by Rahu, but its lord Venus is in 9th house and directly aspecting the Libra (3rd house) directly.

Nadi Reading – O’ Shukra! Because of his earlier Daana (donations and voluntary services) and Dharma (following righteous path), he was born (in this life) with raja yoga. Yet, there still remains a shadow of sins all the time. His previous sins are not allowing his raja yoga to function smoothly, just like clouds do not allow Sun to manifest its light fully. He has to carry the burden of evils.

Notes: According to Nadi reading, the native was born with raja yoga. There are many favourable planetary combinations in his chart. Moon with 5th lord Jupiter in friendly sign, exalted lord of lagna in 9th house, association of lagnesh Sun with 10th lord Venus, and exchange of 9th and 11th lords are some of the choicest yogas. Yet, these combinations are not free from afflictions. Firstly, Saturn casts its full aspect not only on lagna, but also on Moon and Jupiter. Secondly, Rahu-Ketu axis has seized the potential of exalted Sun. And thirdly, yoga karaka Mars does not feel at ease in parivartana with its dire enemy Mercury. Resultantly, native experiences flawed effect of yogas.

Nadi Reading – He and his wife encountered difficulties in childhood and younghood. Then unexpected destruction of wealth followed. He has to leave his home town (for somewhere else) and work there.

Notes: Both Venus and 7th lord Saturn are in signs of Mars. Hence some adversity to spouse is indicated. Homeland or hometown is signified by 4th house. Mars, the lord of 4th is in trine to Rahu. Similarly karaka Venus and lord of lagna Sun is opposite to Rahu. This is a common yoga for displacement from hometown or leaving for abroad.

Nadi Reading – O’ Shukra! Due to meritorious actions (of previous life), he is a man of virtuous thought. Yet, he could not obtain the promised progress.

Notes: Moon – the karaka of mind – is in Leo lagna, with 5th lord Jupiter. This renders one a man of virtuous thought. But due to direct aspect of malefic Saturn, promised results can not mature.

Nadi Reading – So, he (the native) asks a query what is ordained to him. He heeds this prophecy with the name of Hari, on Shuklapaksha Tuesday of Karthika month.

Lord Shukra asks: Should the native perform chanting and donations, in order to abate sins of previous life and live peacefully henceforth?

Lord Bhrigu replies: He must offer the following package of donation, as soon as possible. Native should bow to My (Bhrigu) Grantha and Grantha of Vaapaka Brahmin. Following donations should offer to My Grantha Vaapaka Brahmin. Details of donation are; gold: 13 tola and 4 maasha; silver: 26 tola and 8 maasha; money: 131 rupees; clothes: 10 suites; vessels: 3 pans; and mantra: Mritiyujana Gayatary 250,000 times. If the Kshatriya finds unable to perform these remedies, then he may follow up to 1/4th of aforementioned set of remedies.

Notes: From here onward, Nadi accentuates to follow certain rituals and offer prescribed package of donations. In above paragraph, tola and maasha (or masha) indicate olden measures of weight in India. 1 tola = 12 masha = 11.67 gram, and 1 masha = 8 ratti = 0.97 gram.

Nadi Reading – On fulfilling prescribed remedies, his past sins will eliminate and present life span will elongate. There will not any fear of short life. His fortune will rise and wealth will enhance day by day. Birth of male progeny will also occur in his home. His three sons and two/ one female children will survive. All types of possessions will spread by leaps and bound (as a result of performing mentioned remedies). In between the age of 37-40, 43-45, 47-50 and from 50 to 67 years, native will enjoy various sorts of benefit and progress.

Notes: The age interval 37-40, 43-45, 47-50 and from 50-67 may depend upon favourable transit of Saturn, as it is the only planet that stays about 2 to 3 years in a zodiacal sign. There is no reference of native’s birth details, or of complete prashan time. If one assume provided horoscope as birth chart and consider Saturn in Scorpio then from age 37 to 40, transit Saturn would sojourn in Aquarius (opposite to radical Jupiter), from age 43 to 45 in Aries (trine to radical Jupiter), and from age 47 to 50 in Gemini (11th to radical Jupiter). Observe that all mentioned intervals of age fall in the 4th cycle of transit Jupiter (that approximately becomes year 37-48). On the other hand, Saturn is locating in 4th from Jupiter. This is a very simple, but rare technique of forecasting.

Nadi Reading – Even if there appears any adversity then offering Tula Daana will act as panacea.

Notes: Tula Daan is a special remedial measure to ward off evils and incurable adversities. Tula literally means manual balance or scale. It is an offering (including grains, foodstuff, oils, precious metals etc.) equal to the weight of individual. In olden days, royals (especially rajas and maharajas) used to offer Tula Daan in terms of gold and silver at special occasions.

Nadi Reading – If his wife comes across any affliction then chanting Mritiyujana will provide relief, and if his sons encounter any trouble then Shiva Poojan will resolve all problems. Wealth will increase due to off spring. All kinds of comfort and blessing of Ishwara will obtain. And native will live comfortably for rest of his life. His off spring will earn respect, skill and intelligence. Native will build his own house and get benefit from his sons. At the age of 50, all kind of peace will accrue to him. (Offering prescribed) daana will cause success in every venture and strengthen native’s wisdom. He will follow the Bhakti (i.e. universal path of love) in later part of life. His longevity will be around 82. He will die in Krishna Paksha Wednesday of Jyetha moth.

Fulfilling (dictated) donations promise paradise to native and next birth in Kshatriya caste. He will born again near the bank of Ganges, in the town whose name with the ‘G’, to the father’s name with the ‘T, and with the name from letter ‘P’. It will happen, if and only if, native carries out daana. Accomplishing daana ensures all kinds of comfort in this mundane life and an exalted place in heaven.

Notes:  The last part of reading mainly comprises remedies, except the clue of longevity. It is foretold that native will live up to 82 years. In other words, horoscope ensures long lease of life. Ayu karaka Saturn occupies kendra and free from malefic aspect or association. Jupiter, as lord of 8th house, is well placed in lagna. The secondary indicator of longevity, i.e. lord of 3rd and 10th (i.e. Venus) is in benefic 9th house. Moreover, there is no planet in marakasthan or dusthana. Apparently, these all planetary dispositions promise good span of life. However, for longevity, most of the nadi discourses also weigh the relative positions of Rahu/Ketu with respect to jeeva karaka Jupiter and karma karaka Saturn.